Federico Lo Bianco


Institut de Mathématiques
Technopôle Château-Gombert 39, rue F. Joliot Curie, 13453 Marseille Cedex 13
Telephone: +(033) (0)4 13 55 14 00
Office: 228
Email: federico.lobianco3@gmail.com

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Institut des Mathématiques (I2M) of Marseille, one of the laboratories of the University of Aix-Marseille, under the supervision of Erwan Rousseau; my post-doc is financed by the ANR Foliage.

I did my P.h.D. project at the Institut de recherche mathématique de Rennes (IRMAR) under the supervision of Serge Cantat, and I defended my thesis on September 7, 2017. (pdf)

Here is my C.V.

Research interests

I work on problems at the interface between (complex) algebraic geometry and dynamical systems and on holomorphic foliations.

More precisely, I try and describe dynamical properties of biholomorphic or bimeromorphic transformations of projective (or compact Kähler) manifolds; I focus especially on invariant structures (fibrations, foliations, affine structures...), and I often restrict to the case of irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifold.

Publications and prepublications

  1. On the primitivity of birational transformations of irreducible symplectic manifolds
    International Mathematics Research Notices, rnx109, 2017.
  2. (With J.V.Pereira) Smooth foliations on homogeneous compact kähler manifolds
    Annales de la faculté des Sciences de Toulouse. Mathématiques. Série 6, volume 25, pp 141-159, 2016.
  3. Bornes sur les degrés dynamiques d’automorphismes de variétés kähleriennes de dimension 3
    Comptes Rendus Mathématique de l'Académie des Sciences de Paris. Volume 352, pp 515-519, 2014.
    This is an annoucncement of the results proved in item (1).


  • My Master 2 project at Ecole Normale Supérieure and Paris 6 (UPMC).
  • Teaching